Establishing Credit

To open an account and/or apply for credit, just complete and return the forms below. Tech Data's New-Account Representatives work quickly to approve your application. The application process involves completing an online Reseller Credit Application form. Typically, the application will take about 20 minutes to complete. Please take a moment to review the Compliance Letter and Conditions of Sale. These documents contain important information concerning your new account.

A personal guaranty from one or more reseller owners/officers may potentially help in obtaining additional credit to support business growth. A personal guaranty form can be found here: Personal Guaranty.

After the reseller application is processed, you will receive an e-mail containing your account number, sales team phone number, and an expanded list of Tech Data's service offerings. Once you have received your Tech Data account number, be sure to apply for an Electronic Commerce ID since some areas of our site cannot be accessed without it. This will provide you full access to our online product catalog and the convenience of placing orders online.

Electronic Commerce ID Request

A Tech Data account number is all you need to request an Electronic Commerce ID and password which gives you access to secure areas of Use the following link to complete the request: or contact our Electronic Commerce department at 1-800-553-7921 extension 77926, to establish your Electronic Commerce ID and Password. Your Electronic Commerce Tech Data ID and Password will be emailed to you within 3-5 business days after registering

Once you receive your EC ID and password: You may log into by clicking LOG IN located in the upper right corner.

With full access to, enjoy the benefits of:

  • Browsing our product catalog online
  • Visibility to volume pricing
  • Convenient ordering
  • Reduced freight thresholds
  • Access to invoice details
  • Order tracking when you need it